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Family enterprise created by the present owners in 1973. From the beginning only consecrated in the artistic forging, also illumination and everything that had to be with fireplace's equipment, finally there was an extension in the year 1983. After this change, the shop started to gain strength and as a result of that it reached a big increase of illumination items and so starting to offer decoration articles.

In 1988 another change was made in the shop, it was by then that the showroom started to be further more important than the forge workshop, It gained advantage, although both activities depend on each other. It gives you the possibility of buying fro the shop or if necessary also anything made to measure.

In the 90's although the workshop kept working a lot, the shop acquired a big rule because of the amount of items and its quality both for illumination and decoration, that reached already the main part of the showroom.
Forjats Pardo, CIF:J17754078, Ct. C-31 Km. 327 , 17230 - Palamós, Cont.: